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General Plumbing Problems


Continuous running toilets are normally due to a failing ballcock, filling valve, faulty flush valve, washer or even a broken button set. Most toilet problems are within the cistern itself. They can be repaired and often replaced with even better quality parts than the original. However some plastic cisterns after 10-15yrs or more, become brittle and need replacing entirely.


Dripping taps and mixers can have new washers or new cartridges added which will extend the life of the item as long as they have been kept clean and not mistreated. However there is a point when replacement becomes your only option.

Waste Traps

Waste traps or sometimes referred as "U Bends ” get knocked around under the sink / hand basin / laundry tub or are even poorly installed by a home owner or incompetent tradesperson, which can leak and damage the cabinet. These can be replaced and pipework tidied up to work properly.

Hot Water

Hot water cylinder running or leaking?  Running normally means there is a faulty valve or valves, where as a leaking cylinder will indicate a replacement is needed.

Emergency Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing

Emergency repairs are very common, like all things, nothing will last for ever. Taps that won’t shut off, burst pipes, hot water cylinders, toilets, big water bills due to your watermain's leaking, leaking gutters and leaking roofs or flashings are all common. Even with regular maintenance and being vigilant, problems will crop up out of the blue and then that's were I can help!
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Hot Water Cylinders

Hot Water Cylinders are probably the most expensive item with regard to plumbing within your house. A device that works 24/7 365 days a year and anywhere from 10yrs to 30yrs of use. This device really doesn’t get any attention until it's pouring all over the floor, out the exterior wall or even onto the roof. This puppy has a multitude of control devices, valves and let's not forget controls for power also. Any of which can fail and require replacing some or all, depending on age of your heater.

Whether your cylinder is in your home or your business, if it has a problem we can sort it out quickly for you.

Water Pump

Water Pumps

Water pumps are common in all rural areas where there is no city water supply. Sometimes they are in suburban areas also, where water is being collected for rainwater system's [ for toilets, laundry cold supply and hose taps] or just for garden water use or conservation. While pumps love pumping water, they do not like being wet themselves. Their placement is critical and poor placement will lead to early failure.

Properties on the coast, there failures are normally due to no covers or poor covers installed over them and the salt eating away at the bearings or the electrical componentry within. Pump controllers are the other failure and if the pump isn’t too old or showing too much wear, then a replacement controller can be fitted.

Water Filters and Sterilisation

Water filters, a lot of people will waste enormous amounts of money every year buying bottled water. On city water, a water filter can be added to most kitchens for safe, clear, clean tasting water for a fraction of the cost. You can use a reusable bottle from home and not create plastic waste and pollution. We can also filter your entire house, which you should do if you collect rainwater or draw from a creek or a bore / well.

Adding an Ultraviolet filter that sterilises bacteria and viruses gives peace of mind, especially when towns all over NZ are having boil water or even don’t drink water notices. There are a number of other filters also for removing minerals or other elements that are bad for your health, or just taste so bad! you won’t want to drink it.

Plantrooms and Technical Plumbing

I have a back ground in large scale plumbing services prior to working for myself. While I don’t avidly target this sort of work I am knowledgeable and have a number of clients who I look after. While some other firms stay away from it or think it’s just too hard and technical, I do enjoy putting my skills to work as long as the scale of it isn’t too large.

New Builds and Renovations

All new builds and renovations are all individually accessed and designed to suit that particular job. I don’t do mass / group housing as this is price driven and this leads to poor workmanship and cutting corners. I take pride the work I do and if I’m not satisfied with it, then I will advise you not to use it or find something more appropriate. I do have other tradies that I can count on who use the same sense of care and skill should you need them.
We take pride in the work we do and will give you the best service and price.

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